Happy people work for their dreams. Join us.

Are you…

  • A full-time worker who doesn’t like the 9-to-5 anymore?
  • An artist or freelancer struggling to find meaningful work that pays?
  • A blogger looking for opportunities?
  • Unemployed, a student or a stay-at-home mom looking for ways to earn extra money?
  • Tired of traffic, commute and seemingly endless stressors leading you to burnout and unhappiness?
  • Not getting paid enough with what you think you’re worth?
  • Someone who wants to be the boss of their own career?
  • A dreamer who doesn’t know where to start?

Looking for a supportive community that inspires you to create?

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Own your time & work freelance.


Welcome to Amplified27

We want you to grow. And your interest is our best interest.


How are we different?

We connect you to qualified clients and brands that need your expertise. You decide who to work with & when. Just approve the projects that appeal to you.

We allow you to work flexibly and on your own convenience – part time, full time or internship. Being affiliated with us is being affiliated with the unparalleled artistic freedom you won’t find anywhere else.

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 Art collective + online magazine

Amplified27 was born out of an idea to break the legendary and dreaded art block.

We waste our time on social media, on television, yet we find ourselves with little to no value at the end of the day. That’s where we come in: Instead of gluing yourself to things that don’t add value to you, we open up a world where you can think and spend your time in knowledge, art and living.

Our mission is to be informative, creative and priceless. We want you to have the necessary tools for your personal growth, resources that inspire you to pick up where you left your creativity, and a solace where your mind can collaborate with other minds.

Why Join?

We are a budding home to artists, crafters and talented people looking to make a job out of their passion. We want to be proud of what we do, what we create and who we become. Joining us connects you to this energy & our community.


Absolutely FREE & Easy

Joining us will not cost you a thing! All you need to do is send in your credentials (CV+portfolio), a quick introduction about you and why you want to join us, or if you have been invited, just send us the same requirements as mentioned + where you were referred from.



Work Anytime, Anywhere

Nothing feels worse than dreading to go to work, are we right? We know as creatives inspiration can strike at a high and low anytime. Sometimes, you want to take a vacation at a beautiful place somewhere but may want to work when you’re not doing anything. Sometimes you’ll want to work this week, but not next week. The option is yours. Shoot us an email anytime, set your availability and update it whenever you feel like working or taking a break. We want you to feel your best and be comfortable in your own pace & performance so you can deliver the best projects. Self-growth & creative freedom is important thus we encourage you to accept work that you are confident in doing.



We’re Here To Help

In case you are not confident enough in saying yes to a project, we’re here to assist you. Not sure how to put your best image forward? We’ll even provide you with a free CV & portfolio consultation. Fear is best beaten down with knowledge & confidence. Let us get you to your success. Amplified27 was built to help you flourish.



More Exposure

Being our creative means you have extended reach. We feature our members on all platforms (newsletter, social media, website, and more) monthly & on determined occasions. Aside from your own space outside of Amplified27, you will be reaching a market that is different from your own.



Your Work, Actualized

Isn’t it a great feeling to see a product of your work on real merchandise? How about a manifestation of your ideas on our events? It could be a poster, a book cover or your social media expertise – the possibility is limitless! Yes, you have the power to turn your imagination into reality with us.



You Are Family

Amplified27 will serve as your creative home. Each creative will get their own (@amplified27.com) email address, a blog space where they can contribute to the blog, your own portfolio space, work opportunities & a chance to collaborate with the other Amplified27 artists.



Meetings Are For Labrats, Gatherings Are For Creatives

We hate boring meetings. Gatherings and brunches are more like our style. Our venue could vary. Sometimes it could be at a coffee shop, or an ice cream place. Or maybe that new hole-in-the-wall that our Food contributor just blogged about. Hey, we are fans of fun!



All you gotta do is buzz.