Available Positions


  • CV & portfolio (link will do)
  • A short introduction of yourself and why you want to join
  • What your interests are
  • How you want to grow and what you aspire to be in the future


Click on the categories to preview a larger version. You may apply for more than one position as long as you can fulfill your role & qualifications.


Amplified27 Online Magazine & Internship

Blog Contributor

  • FOR: People who want to write useful and creative content; people who want to be heard; aspiring writers
  • Must be a creative from Amplified27
  • Write articles for Amplified27 based on interesting content on their expertise
  • Must submit at least 2 blog posts a month from their topic of choice
  • Must love writing or blogging A LOT; or for the more creative type, must love CREATIVITY and can collect good items or sources for a feature (e.g. illustrations from emerging artists)


Graphic Designer/Artists/Illustrator (Anywhere)

  • FOR: People who love creating good images
  • Must know Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrators, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom)
  • Create marketing paraphernalia, icons & graphics for Amplified27
  • Prepare soft copies and assist in production of hard copies when requested
  • Calligraphy and lettering skill a plus
  • Movie production and editing skill a plus
  • Preferrably pro-active and is imaginative, has lots of ideas and willing to contribute


Customer Service

  • FOR: Applicants who love helping solve problems and assisting people & putting a smile on their face
  • Answer inquiries from the website and the shop
  • Provide knowledge on specific topics requested by the customer
  • Assist in publishing contributions for the blog
  • Carry out and prepare shop orders for invoice, payment to shipping
  • Manage product inventory and notify status
  • Assist in returns and refunds
  • Ensure the online status of website & shop
  • Knows how to use WordPress, chat service, email client (Mozilla Thunderbird)
  • Must be fun, enjoys solving problems and looking for solutions. Does not settle for “okay” and goes beyond to provide “excellent”


Community Manager

  • FOR: Social butterflies; internet & people enthusiasts who are on social media a lot
  • Handle Amplified27 on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Medium). Social media accounts may be expansive as the brand grows
  • Increase following & engagement
  • Coordinates with the brand manager to launch campaigns
  • In charge of using Buffer & other third party apps for content scheduling
  • Assist in effectively carrying out promotional contests
  • Reach out to affiliates & marketing partners by submitting proposals or sending invitation
  • Maintain the brand voice on all platforms used
  • Drive engagement to & collect feedback from the shop
  • Knows how to use current social media & third party apps like Buffer & IFTTT
  • Must be internet & people-oriented; preferrably nimble, pro-active and self-learning


Brand Manager

  • FOR: People who have the creative talent and has interest in involvement & aesthetics
  • Grow the Amplified27 brand online & offline through marketing efforts
  • Ensure brand health is in top shape through maintenance and active involvement in community
  • Identify customers and how we can connect and be relevant to them
  • Increase readership for the online magazine & drive traffic to the website
  • Support the community manager for increasing following & engagement
  • Use the analytics & data gathered from all platforms to use for further improved campaigns
  • Update the Founder & CEO and the Marketing Director/s for all data acquired by Amplified27
  • Ensures one voice & quality consistency over all platforms
  • Proof graphics, text and products for publication & production
  • Liaise with affiliates and marketing partners
  • Must be adept with Photoshop and basic software programs like Microsoft Office
  • Must be aware and loves marketing. Studies on free time. Easily taught & adaptive to changes


Marketing Director (Philippines & Denmark)

  • FOR: People who like turning ideas into reality; for people who like connecting other people & lead to succeed
  • Develop marketing strategies by studying trends and demands
  • Plan and create events & campaigns to increase brand reach
  • Handle workshops & events together with the Founder & CEO
  • Lead the growth of Amplified27 as the premiere source of creative content
  • Craft sales and promotions for the shop
  • Identify short term and long term goals and address with courses of action to implement it
  • Hire, interview, recruit and train all marketing staff on his supervision
  • Develop products with the team and help creatives get involvement & compensation
  • Analyze & project budget for the financial year
  • Keep track of sales & expenses of the company
  • Maintain database of partner linkages and service providers
  • Must be pro-active and have a sense of companionship & inspiration to lead the team


Marketing Executives (Anywhere)

  • FOR: People who like connections and communication; people who like carrying out ideas and solutions
  • Conduct interviews (on-site or written) and surveys to acquire beneficial information
  • Develop marketing strategies with the Marketing Director, Brand Manager and Founder & CEO
  • Research potential market and study existing market to help develop products for Amplified27
  • Reach to proposed and invited brand partners and manage existing affiliates
  • Seek additional service providers and look for marketing & growth opportunities
  • Seek brand ambassadors (bloggers & influencers are welcome)
  • Propose projects and events to be adopted by Amplified27
  • Knows basic software programs, social media apps, email programs and basic marketing
  • Must be pro-active, team player and a genuine person. Has an exciting zest for what Amplified27 is trying to do so that he may inspire others as well.


Team Researcher (Anywhere)

  • FOR: People who wants to contribute but are not keen on writing
  • Provide information on the latest creative trends in your region – can range from local scene, travel, art events, food events, creative events, latest art cafes, information on your country (cultural, economic, where to eat, etc.)
  • Collect and verify data sourced from online and traditional sources
  • Give a heads-up for events and local information useful for the blog and the brand
  • Use social media and apps to gather data and information
  • Scout new talents & contributors for Amplified27. Coordinates with brand manager to know what we are looking for.
  • Be independent and a fun team member. Knows his way to acquire trust & information
  • Must be internet & research-savvy; preferrably nimble and self-learning


Does this sound like you?