10 Types of Friends You’re Better Off Without

Having friends can make or break your career. How do you know you have the quality ones? These 10 types of friends you’re better off without will help you filter your network.

1. The Flaky One

We’ve all heard the “I promise” statement, or the “I’m on my way. Be there in 10 minutes”. While it’s excusable to have a lapse on judgment, this type of person repeats their excuses like a list of to-do’s. One minute he’s there, the next he is not. You won’t even hear a decent heads-up if they are late or absent, they’re just gone.

Why you’re better off without this person: A constant contact of unreliability and salvation of this friendship can lead to inexorable frustration. Remember, they’re rarely there.

2. The Materialist

Friends help each other in times of need, yes? True, but there is a caveat to this. The Materialist will show up anytime he deems fit, using your resources to his convenience. His signature line? “I’ll pay you back in time,” or “I promise I’ll return it to you next month” and then he his off to nowhere with your money, never to be seen until he is short again.

Why you’re better off without this person: Not only will your time, money and energy go to waste, so does your friendship built on trust and hope. That money you lent this person? Well, consider that as charity.

3. The “Can I Have Some” Friend

Ever met up with a friend who seems to just sample everything what everyone orders? What’s worse is that they make it a reason to try what you’re having without it sounding too cheap of them. It’s okay to share, but it’s not okay to have an impromptu hors d’oeuvre every time you meet up.

Why you’re better off without this person: They want to have the best of things yet they don’t want to spend any amount of their resources to get what they want. You become the henchmen of their desires, and that’s a red flag.

4. The Secretly Jealous Support

You should be aware that in your network, there may be encouraging friends who mask their agenda with so-called sincere praises and crocodile compliments. The Secretly Jealous Support will give you the high regard and make you feel like you are your best, when in truth they really just want to know how your mind works so they can be the next friend on this list, Mirroring Mayhem.

Why you’re better off without this person: You don’t need faux praises to get you motivated. How do you know if your friend is sincere in their good words? They do it sporadically. Any more or too frequent should be an alarm. Also, watch out for questions like, “so how do you get to do all this stuff?”

5. Mirroring Mayhem

This friend will try to copy whatever success or path you’re having. Inspiration can be a little positive adjective to replace this toxic label, but this friend will alter their personality and lifestyle to better match yours. Or worse, they’ll grab that opportunity you just turned down.

Why you’re better off without this person: Every time you do a new venture, find a new hobby, launch a successful news, they’re always by the corner thinking of their next move on how they can stay ahead of your game. This can demotivate you in the long run, and you will hear constant feedback from your similar circle with this person, so it’s best to burn bridges with this one while early. You can tell by the number of times this person said, “I stalked your page the other day and I noticed…” or the “oh wow I’m so happy for you, I hope I can do the same” frequency.

6. Pretentious Persona

Looking good is one thing but looking good only on social media is another. This kind of friend does whatever it takes to appear perfect with the goal of making people feel less satisfies them. Avoid at all costs.

Why you’re better off without this person: You don’t need this kind of drama in your life, and if you aren’t even close with this person, too much selfies can give you a numbing migraine. Better delete this one and don’t regret how long you’ve known this person.

7. Bail-Out Liar

It’s worse to have this person in your arsenal. The Bail-Out Liar will tell you something that seems true and urgent, only to find out that they aren’t exactly what they said. Maybe you’re familiar of, “hey I can’t go today, I’m having this important trip and I can’t skip this one,” then you see on their Twitter, “woopee! I just bought this pink dress at the mall, it’s so cute!”

Why you’re better off without this person: Lying is a seriously caught crime and love and friendships have it worse. You’d rather not know the truth then find this one out weaving such parallel lives just to put you in low priority.

8. The Spiller

You have a surprise coming up or a secret you’ve only shared to this friend, and then the next thing you know it spreads like wildfire. The Spiller is a conversational klutz and you don’t wanna hang around with this one.

Why you’re better off without this person: You’re risking confidentiality and peace of mind. Hang out with more reliable and trustworthy friends so you can enjoy more of your social life. You don’t want to have a walking human reminder of your blunders and woes right?

9. The Self-Righteous Prick

One time you will encounter someone who you always lose your battles with. This one is a tough war and it’s futile to even attempt to beat. The Self-Righteous Prick will always point out his way or his breaking point to make sure everybody stays in line.

Why you’re better off without this person: You can’t be yourself with this person. They’ll either criticize you or criticize their relationship with you that it will start feeling awkward whenever you communicate. You’ll learn from much more humble people than this all-knowing experience.

10. The Vague Friend

It’s a hit or miss with this one. It’s that one person who seems to be everything or nothing. Maybe you used to be lovers or you were supposed to be, or maybe you were just doomed to be in the friend zone. You can never tell with this one. Or if she is a girl, you know you were never gonna be close friends but you still keep them anyway. The Vague Friend will drop hints at you, make you feel special, but in truth either one of you is already pre-occupied.

Why you’re better off without this person: Having a vague person in life can just be an extra baggage and take your focus off from your creativity. Life is too short not to have security and quality relationships, so choose your people wisely and make sure they count for something.

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